Gourmet Braided Bread

Nutrition & Ingredients (PDF) Serving Directions (PDF)

The product we founded our company on is our famous braided bread. We use only the best ingredients as we make every loaf of Braided Bread in our production kitchen. We make the dough from scratch with no added preservatives.  Once the dough is just right, we add the delicious filling and then braid each 20 ounce loaf by hand.

Our braided bread is offered in two delicious flavors:  Apple and Cream Cheese.

Our innovation of fully baked braided bread means that you receive a product that is delicious, far more convenient to prepare and can be shipped and delivered with very few of the challenges posed by raw frozen bread dough.  This braided bread can be prepared in a fraction of the time, while still retaining that just-baked flavor. 

We have brought the joy of convenience to customers.  Just warm, serve and savor your Country Creations bread.